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Our Unique and Growing Ministry:
Investment Services

The Catholic Community Foundation is an autonomous pious foundation formed under Canon Law sections 1303, §1,1 and 114, §2 and incorporated as a nonprofit entity in the State of Texas. Organized in 2006 under the ecclesial authority of the Metropolitan Archbishop of San Antonio, the foundation represents an emerging ministry that:

  • Provides investment services and endowments for the benefit of the apostolic activities of the Roman Catholic Church and its related institutions; and,
  • Provides donors with strategies and mechanisms to provide financial support for the Catholic ministries of their choice through Donor Advised Funds, Planned Giving/Bequests or outright donations.

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Our Mission

To receive, manage, safeguard and grow

investments supporting organizations and

donors aligned with the Catholic Faith.

Catholic Fraternity Fund

Introducing the Catholic Fraternity Fund - a Resource to Other Catholic Foundations and Dioceses

The Catholic Fraternity Fund is a wholly owned nonprofit subsidiary of the Catholic Community Foundation. Its purpose is to work with other foundations and dioceses to provide the support services needed to assist them in managing their investments in a pooled fund that takes advantage of the critical mass needed for risk mitigation, diversification, appreciation potential and lower costs.

In today’s complex and volatile financial markets more and more parishes and dioceses are seeking the services of independent Catholic foundations to assist them in managing and protecting their cash assets. However, such foundations are very expensive to establish and maintain unless your fund has enough critical mass of invested assets to sustain itself.

The Catholic Fraternity Fund is designed to serve the needs of dioceses and other foundations without requiring an investment of working capital for operations or incurring the significant legal expenses for formation and compliance. This savings is accomplished by the “pooling” of Fraternity Funds to reduce risk and to increase investment opportunities within an already established and compliant structure.

The Foundation, and The Fund, are designed to provide investment services through socially responsible investment models in accordance with Church teaching.

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Getting Started

The Catholic Community Foundation and the Catholic Fraternity Fund work exclusively with organizations listed in the Official Catholic Directory and lay persons who wish to support the ministry of the Church through a Donor Advised Fund, Planned Giving/Bequest, or by outright donation.

We are here to serve the needs of the Church through our unique ministry of managing cash and investment resources through an array of investment models and giving vehicles.

If you have an interest in having us work for you, please contact Jeff Jung, Chief Operating Officer, at 210-734-1910 or at jeff.jung@ccftx.org.

Patron of the Catholic Community Foundation

St. Matthew

St. Matthew
Feast Day: September 21st
Patron saint of bankers and accountants

St. Matthew, you were first a tax collector and then, following Christ’s call, a gatherer of souls. Later you wrote the Gospel accounts of what Jesus, descendant of David, said and did as Teacher and Savior. Dear Saint Matthew, we pray for your blessings and guidance for the Catholic Community Foundation and for all who seek our help that we might imitate your example by being careful and faithful stewards for those who entrust their resources to us. Amen.